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Water Quality and Maps at Chama Elementary

Our River Classroom sessions are wrapping up for the Fall semester, and for our last class with our 4th and 5th graders at Chama Elementary, we planned two fun activities to end out the year. Students divided into two groups for two different activities and then switched places. The first activity was to create a … Continue reading

Testing Water Quality on the Rio Chama

Testing water quality is critical for knowing if the waterway is suitable for organisms to thrive; so this week, our class analyzed the water quality on the Rio Chama through multiple sampling techniques. Before we began testing water quality, though, we had a surprise for the students … When I’m not teaching River Classroom, I also work … Continue reading

Testing Water Quality in Tierra Amarilla

Chemistry is an important basis for learning about water quality, and now that our students in Tierra Amarilla are familiar with the basics, we decided to add water quality testing to our scientific agenda. NMWC uses Vernier water quality probes and has a Project Quality Assurance Project Plan (PQAPP) in place with New Mexico Environment … Continue reading

Exploring a New Section of the Rio Chama

Last Thursday was our final outdoor adventure with our Tierra Amarilla River Classroom. The Rio Chama has gone up considerably, and so we decided to explore a new area of the Rio Chama. We headed out to Cooper’s to check water quality and do some exploring. We had a fairly long hike, and along the … Continue reading

Great Minds Think Alike

The school year is winding down, and this week we said goodbye to another one of our River Classrooms. Our 4th-6th grade students from Española met one last time at the Rio Chama to test water quality, collect benthic macroinvertebrates, and review everything that we’ve learned this year. Everybody was excited to get waders on … Continue reading

Graphing data in Tierra Amarilla

Last Thursday we headed back up to Tierra Amarilla for a classroom day with our 5th and 6th graders at Tierra Amarilla Elementary. We’ve collected some great water quality data and identified some benthic macroinvertebrates since last fall, and we took this opportunity to create graphical displays of our data that we can present at … Continue reading

Exploring the Banks of the Rio Chama

Last Wednesday was a gorgeous day, and we were finally able to get out on the Rio Chama below Abiquiu Dam with our 4th-6th grade River Classroom students from Española. We’ve struggled to get out on the river because until January 1, flows were much too high to be wading. Since January 1 it seems … Continue reading

Water Quality on the Brazos and Chama

Our trip to Tierra Amarilla last week to work with our 5th and 6th grade River Classroom was particularly exciting because for the very first time we tested water quality on both the Brazos and the Chama on the same day! We began with a short refresher on water quality parameters. We began at the … Continue reading

Water Quality and Benthic Macroinvertebrates in Tierra Amarilla

Fall is a wonderful time to explore the rivers of New Mexico. The sun is still warm, but the water is cool. It’s the perfect time to send students into the river in waders, and this is precisely what we did in Tierra Amarilla last week. We divided our group into the 5th grade class … Continue reading

Comparing Lake and River Water Quality

The weather has been gorgeous lately, and with River Classroom, we latch on to any excuse we can to be outside. Yesterday, our 4th-6th graders from Espanola headed back to the Rio Chama below Abiquiu Dam to test water quality. We began on the Rio Chama, where half of our students measured data, while the … Continue reading