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Exploring the Edward Sargent WMA

Our 4th and 5th grade students from Chama Elementary are lucky to live and go to school just down the street from one of the most beautiful places in northern New Mexico- the Edward Sargent Wildlife Area, which is operated by the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF). Last Tuesday we took these … Continue reading

Testing Water Quality on the Rio Chama

Testing water quality is critical for knowing¬†if the waterway is suitable for organisms to thrive; so this week, our class analyzed the water quality on the Rio Chama through multiple sampling¬†techniques. Before we began testing water quality, though, we had a surprise for the students … When I’m not teaching River Classroom, I also work … Continue reading

Birding in Tierra Amarilla

Last Thursday we headed back north to Tierra Amarilla to meet with the 5th and 6th graders from Tierra Amarilla Elementary. We planned on heading to Heron Lake State Park to test water quality and compare lake and river ecosystems. This plan ended up being modified a little because the ospreys are back! We pulled … Continue reading

Mammals on the Rio Chama

The last time our 4th-6th grade River Classroom was at the Rio Chama, we placed some game cameras in areas that had quite a few signs of life. This week we met again at NMWC to take a look at the images and begin some important research into the animals that live along the river. … Continue reading

Wildlife of New Mexico

One very important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of place-based environmental education is learning what kinds of animals belong in the ecosystems in your area. Last week we addressed this with the 7th graders at McCurdy Charter School by bringing them to NMWC. We discussed why these animals are here and on exhibit (either because they … Continue reading

2016 Eagle Watch at Abiquiu Lake

Last Saturday we hosted our 2016 Eagle Watch at Abiquiu Lake! This event is held every year in conjunction with our partners the US Army Corps of Engineers. Every year citizen scientists from northern New Mexico come together to count the number of bald eagles on the lake. Data from mid-winter eagle watches all over … Continue reading

Tracking Across Campus

Yesterday was a prep day for a really cool field trip we have in the works for McCurdy Charter School’s 7th grade. The students practiced their tracking skills on campus! First, we held a short discussion about tracking. What kind of questions are we wanting to answer? Well, we would like to know what kind … Continue reading

Teacher Training: New Mexico Ecoregions

Last Saturday was our final weekend teacher training as part of the Improving Teacher Quality Grant from the Title II New Mexico Higher Education Department, which NMWC is hosting in conjunction with Northern New Mexico College. What better place could there be to end this series of science excursions than Valles Caldera? This weekend our … Continue reading

River Classroom Update

Last Wednesday was our last River Classroom at NMWC. We spent the day reviewing what we’ve covered this year and preparing for our Open House, which will be on Tuesday, May 5. Everybody is invited to see what our students have learned this year! I don’t want to give anything away for the parents, but … Continue reading

Upcoming Event: Earth Day at Abiquiu Lake

Here’s another upcoming event. We’re taking Grace and Electra to Earth Day at Abiquiu Lake. Join us, and help us survey migratory bird species!