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Late Fall in an Aspen Ecosystem

Fall colors have come and gone, and while we’re still waiting for cold temperatures, the foliage around New Mexico looks like winter. Last Monday our students from McCurdy Charter School headed up to Aspen Vista to explore an aspen ecosystem. Due to unseasonably warm temperatures this fall, the trail was mostly snow free. As we … Continue reading

McCurdy High School Explores the Rio Chama

There’s one River Classroom that we haven’t blogged about yet this year, and that’s McCurdy High School! High schools students have many demands on their time, so this group meets once per month to explore different aspects of Earth Science. This month we headed to the Rio Chama to learn about riparian ecosystems. Many of … Continue reading

Wildlife of New Mexico

One very important, and sometimes overlooked, aspect of place-based environmental education is learning what kinds of animals belong in the ecosystems in your area. Last week we addressed this with the 7th graders at McCurdy Charter School by bringing them to NMWC. We discussed why these animals are here and on exhibit (either because they … Continue reading

Exploring a Snowy Forest

It’s been a bitterly cold weekend/week in New Mexico, but we didn’t let this put a damper on last Monday’s science exploration. We donned snowshoes and explored the Santa Fe National Forest around Truchas with half of the 7th graders from McCurdy Charter School. For most of these kids it was the first time they’ve … Continue reading

Tracking Across Campus

Yesterday was a prep day for a really cool field trip we have in the works for McCurdy Charter School’s 7th grade. The students practiced their tracking skills on campus! First, we held a short discussion about tracking. What kind of questions are we wanting to answer? Well, we would like to know what kind … Continue reading

Call Search and Rescue! Or our 7th Graders…

Taking accurate measurements of your location and the location of your data is a very important skill for scientists to have. How many people actually understand why the GPS on their phone works? On Monday we addressed both of these concerns with our excellent 7th graders from McCurdy Charter School. We began at NMWC by … Continue reading

Exploring an Aspen Ecosystem

One of the goals of our programs at NMWC is to get students outside and having fun. Observation skills are a very important part of science, and sometimes taking students outside to a new place is all you need to get them thinking about and observing the world around them. Last Monday, the 7th graders … Continue reading

McCurdy 7th grade at the Rio Chama

We have quite a few new classrooms this year, and one of these is made up of the 7th grade science classes at McCurdy Charter School in EspaƱola, NM. These students are at a wonderful age to learn. They’re old enough to understand a little more than elementary school students, but they’re still so excited … Continue reading

McCurdy Visits the Rio Chama

We’ve tried several times to take our McCurdy High School Earth Sciences class to the Rio Chama to explore the riparian ecosystem, test water quality, and survey benthic macroinvertebrates. Each time the weather has foiled our plans. Finally last Thursday we got our chance! We began the day on the Rio Chama, where students put … Continue reading

More Benthic Macroinvertebrates

Last week was officially the Week of Benthic Macroinvertebrates around here, as we discussed those little bugs with the kids at Embudo and with our Earth Sciences class at McCurdy High School. Classroom days are always difficult. Being outside is so much more fun and interesting. For class last Thursday, we brought part of the … Continue reading