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An Action Packed Day of Learning on the Rio Chama

In order to be a good scientist, it’s crucial to understand the difference between subjective and objective observations. And what better way to learn the distinction than going on a nature hike? Since it was a cold winter morning, we¬†spent the first part of it warming up by walking along the Rio Chama with Miss … Continue reading

Where in the World Are We?

With GPS technology built into almost all our handheld devices these days, it’s easy to forget how our device is able to determine just exactly where we are. So for this class, we put away our smartphones and learned latitude and longitude the good ole’ fashioned way — with a map and globe (well, sort … Continue reading

Exploring the Brazos River

Our 5th and 6th grade students from Tierra Amarilla Elementary have spent the last few months exploring and collecting data from the Rio Chama in Los Ojos. Last week we decided that it was time to head to a tributary of the Rio Chama, so we spent a gorgeous, sunny afternoon exploring the Brazos River. … Continue reading

Learning Latitude and Longitude

As we discussed last week, it’s very important for scientists to tag the data they collect with the exact location at which it was collected. We do this with a GPS unit. GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This system uses a network of satellites to pin down an exact location. In order to understand … Continue reading

We’ve Got the World on a String

When you start mentioning “GPS,” most people seem to think about the app on their phone that gives directions to an address or a restaurant. As scientists, we use a slightly different sort of GPS that allows us to find our specific latitude and longitude. Marking our scientific data with an exact location is very … Continue reading

Tracking Across Campus

Yesterday was a prep day for a really cool field trip we have in the works for McCurdy Charter School’s 7th grade. The students practiced their tracking skills on campus! First, we held a short discussion about tracking. What kind of questions are we wanting to answer? Well, we would like to know what kind … Continue reading

Call Search and Rescue! Or our 7th Graders…

Taking accurate measurements of your location and the location of your data is a very important skill for scientists to have. How many people actually understand why the GPS on their phone works? On Monday we addressed both of these concerns with our excellent 7th graders from McCurdy Charter School. We began at NMWC by … Continue reading

River Classroom Takes to the Lake

Last Wednesday we met with our 4th-6th grade River Classroom from Espanola. We took advantage of the gorgeous, warm weather and headed back up to the Rio Chama below Abiquiu Dam. Last time we met, we didn’t have time to rotate through all of the groups, so we caught up and made sure that everybody … Continue reading

Meet the 5th and 6th grade of Tierra Amarilla Elementary!

We’re very excited about our new River Classrooms this year, and one of these is in an entirely new place- Tierra Amarilla! There are many very important tributaries to the Rio Chama in this region, and we’re creating a new generation of scientists to study these. Our students at Tierra Amarilla Elementary are in the … Continue reading

River Classroom Begins Again!

It seems like summer camp was just yesterday, and yet we’re already meeting our River Classroom students out on the river. Last week we had the pleasure of working with our 4th-6th grade GATE students from Espanola and the 5th-6th grade from Tierra Amarilla Elementary. Only a few of our 4th-6th grade Espanola students were … Continue reading