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The kayak building continues…

Last Monday our 7th-9th grade GATE students from Española returned to NMWC to work more on their kayaks. We worked really hard, and made lots of progress. I’ll let the photos tell the story! After a lunch break, the frames were dry, and we began cutting the canvas that will cover the kayaks. Then we … Continue reading

Building Kayaks: Finishing the Frames

Our goal for our January kayak-building class was to finish putting the strakes on the boats. We began where we left off in December. We even learned how to use a new tool- a router! We got quite a bit of work done!   The next time we meet, we’ll begin the process of covering … Continue reading

More Kayak Building

Last Friday our 7th-9th grade River Classroom met at NMWC to continue our year long endeavor to build kayaks. This time we got all of the ribs attached. Now that we have the ribs attached, we’re ready to add strakes. These boats are really coming together, and we can’t wait to get out exploring local … Continue reading

Building Model Boats

Our 7th-9th graders in our Española River Classroom visited NMWC last Friday for another day learning about kayaks and water. We’re almost ready to start building real kayaks, but we decided that first we need to test some models of different types of boats. Before getting out our building supplies, we had a quick refresher … Continue reading

Testing the Water Wheels

Last Wednesday was the big day… the day that River Classroom finally got to test the water wheels that we’ve spent all year building! We didn’t hook up generators to the wheels yet. We just wanted to make sure they spin. The Rio Chama is up quite a bit, so first we had to review … Continue reading

Learning about Local Water

Last Thursday’s field trip with Ms. Berryhill’s Earth Sciences class at McCurdy High School was entirely water-themed and introduced our students to their local water. We began at NMWC and revisited our last class activity- desalination. Students broke into groups of one or two and made solar stills. To encourage friendly competition and up the … Continue reading

River Classroom: The Almost Finished Product

Finally, it’s time for the big reveal. What are our River Classroom students building?! I’ll save that for the end of the post- first a few photos from class: What’s a circuit? Can you draw one? Our River Classroom students can! I’m always surprised at how much they retain from class to class, but last … Continue reading

Why Can’t We Just Drink the Ocean?

Many of our activities with Ms. Berryhill’s Earth Sciences class at McCurdy have related to water quality. Water is a critical issue in New Mexico. With decreasing snowpack and increasing water use, we’re headed for trouble. On two previous visits to McCurdy, students asked, “Why can’t we just take the salt out of sea water?” … Continue reading

Modeling Watersheds with Santo Domingo

Last Thursday we headed south to Santo Domingo for another day on the Rio Grande. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and all of the students were ready to learn. We began by discussing the Rio Grande- where does it begin? Most of the students thought that the Rio Grande starts at Cochiti Reservoir! Almost everybody … Continue reading

Engineering in River Classroom

Because of the snow a few weeks ago, we’ve been fortunate enough to have River Classroom two weeks in a row! We’ve been working on some very important activities that will lead up to an exciting finale the next time we meet. I don’t want to give anything away,  but here are some hints…. It … Continue reading