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Building Kayaks: Our First Test Float

Our year-long endeavor to build kayaks from scratch passed a big milestone last Friday: our first test float! We headed up to Abiquiu Reservoir with our boats. Our partners at the US Army Corps of Engineers let us borrow some of their loaner life jackets (If you’re ever up at Abiquiu, check it out! You … Continue reading

Birding in Tierra Amarilla

Last Thursday we headed back north to Tierra Amarilla to meet with the 5th and 6th graders from Tierra Amarilla Elementary. We planned on heading to Heron Lake State Park to test water quality and compare lake and river ecosystems. This plan ended up being modified a little because the ospreys are back! We pulled … Continue reading

Another Final Project Teaser

Once again I can’t ruin the surprise of our final projects for our 4th-6th grade River Classroom from EspaƱola, but here are some teaser photos showing how hard our students worked last week. We’re so impressed with these projects, and we can’t wait for our students to show them off at Open House! Researching, cutting, … Continue reading

Building Kayaks: The Final Coat of Paint

Spring has officially arrived, and our kayak builders are right on schedule to finish their boats in time for good weather. This week our 7th-9th grade students from EspaƱola put the final coats of paint on their boats. Our launch date is quickly approaching! Each student designed his or her own boat and selected colors. … Continue reading