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Building Kayaks: Day 1

It has begun… Our 7th-9th grade Española River Classroom has started work on their kayaks! Last Friday we passed out the blueprints, talked over the design, and handed out a pattern. Our students got to work tracing and cutting. They learned to use a power drill and a jig saw. Everybody did a fantastic job! … Continue reading

First Trip to the Rio Brazos

Last Thursday was our very first trip to the Rio Brazos with our Tierra Amarilla 5th and 6th graders. We’ve been to the Rio Chama several times now. It’s time to compare the Chama with one of its important tributaries. Northern New Mexico got quite a bit of snow early last week, and we found … Continue reading

DNA in River Classroom

What do snow and DNA have in common? Both were topics of the day last Wednesday in our 4th-6th grade River Classroom! We couldn’t help talking about snow, since we got so much the day before. We spent some time observing snow outside, and then to get a closer look, we had to throw a … Continue reading

Call Search and Rescue! Or our 7th Graders…

Taking accurate measurements of your location and the location of your data is a very important skill for scientists to have. How many people actually understand why the GPS on their phone works? On Monday we addressed both of these concerns with our excellent 7th graders from McCurdy Charter School. We began at NMWC by … Continue reading

Introduction to Animal Cells

After last week’s introduction to plant cells, our 4th-6th grade River Classroom students from Española were pretty excited to learn about animal cells! We began by comparing plants and animals using a Venn diagram. After learning all about animal cells and how they differ from plant cells, we observed cells from our cheeks! The differences … Continue reading

Introduction to Plant Cells

The focus of our 4th-6th grade Española River Classroom this year is Biology. We’ve spent a good deal of time out at Abiquiu Lake while the weather has been nice, but last Wednesday it was time to hit the classroom to discover the wonders (and organelles) of plant cells! Our students began by doing some … Continue reading