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McCurdy 7th grade at the Rio Chama

We have quite a few new classrooms this year, and one of these is made up of the 7th grade science classes at McCurdy Charter School in Española, NM. These students are at a wonderful age to learn. They’re old enough to understand a little more than elementary school students, but they’re still so excited … Continue reading

Periodic Table Time in Tierra Amarilla

Our students in Tierra Amarilla are excited to begin measuring water quality on the Rio Chama and the Brazos River. Before we begin, though, students must understand what we’re measuring. This involves learning some basic chemistry and how to use the periodic table. One of our favorite ways to teach students about atoms and molecules … Continue reading

Introducing our 7th-9th grade Española River Classroom!

For the very first time this year, NMWC is getting to work with GATE students in 7th-9th grades in the Española Public School District! You may recognize a few familiar faces- some of these students are graduates of our 4th-6th grade River Classroom. We have a very exciting year planned for these young scientists- we’ll … Continue reading

First Visit to the Rio Chama in Tierra Amarilla

Last Thursday was our first river day with our Tierra Amarilla River Classroom! We began our exploration of the Rio Chama in Tierra Amarilla. Our first task at this location was to explore the immediate vicinity. We grabbed our compasses, clipboards, and pencils and set out to identify signs of life. Of course a big … Continue reading

River Classroom Takes to the Lake

Last Wednesday we met with our 4th-6th grade River Classroom from Espanola. We took advantage of the gorgeous, warm weather and headed back up to the Rio Chama below Abiquiu Dam. Last time we met, we didn’t have time to rotate through all of the groups, so we caught up and made sure that everybody … Continue reading

Meet the 5th and 6th grade of Tierra Amarilla Elementary!

We’re very excited about our new River Classrooms this year, and one of these is in an entirely new place- Tierra Amarilla! There are many very important tributaries to the Rio Chama in this region, and we’re creating a new generation of scientists to study these. Our students at Tierra Amarilla Elementary are in the … Continue reading