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Abiquiu Summer Science Camp

Last week was our first Summer Science Camp! We held it at Abiquiu Lake. As you can see, we had a fantastic group of 10 kids (not all are shown below). Each day students learned a new aspect of science: identifying local plants and animals or learning about density and buoyancy. We also learned some … Continue reading

SKYWARN Training

Last Thursday, the National Weather Service in Albuquerque hosted a SKYWARN storm spotter training at New Mexico Wildlife Center! These classes teach local citizens to be the eyes on the ground for NWS. Radar and other tools of the meteorological trade can tell a lot about weather, but nothing compares to having a trained person … Continue reading

The Environment as an Integrating Context

Last week NMWC staff and the teachers from our spring teacher training (part of the Improving Teacher Quality Grant from the Title II New Mexico Higher Education Department) gathered at Northern New Mexico College for a fantastic environmental education workshop hosted by Dr. Gerald and Grace Lieberman. This workshop taught us how to use the … Continue reading