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2015 Summer Camps

NMWC is hosting two summer camps this year! Check out the flyers below and send Christy (christy@newmexicowildlifecenter.org) an email if you are interested.

Last River Classroom of the Year

Last Wednesday was our last River Classroom of the year. The students have worked very hard this year, and we’ve learned a great deal about energy, our local riparian and lake environments, and how to assess the health of these important ecosystems. After all of this learning, we took a day to enjoy the beauty … Continue reading

Teacher Training: New Mexico Ecoregions

Last Saturday was our final weekend teacher training as part of the Improving Teacher Quality Grant from the Title II New Mexico Higher Education Department, which NMWC is hosting in conjunction with Northern New Mexico College. What better place could there be to end this series of science excursions than Valles Caldera? This weekend our … Continue reading

McCurdy Visits the Rio Chama

We’ve tried several times to take our McCurdy High School Earth Sciences class to the Rio Chama to explore the riparian ecosystem, test water quality, and survey benthic macroinvertebrates. Each time the weather has foiled our plans. Finally last Thursday we got our chance! We began the day on the Rio Chama, where students put … Continue reading

River Classroom Update

Last Wednesday was our last River Classroom at NMWC. We spent the day reviewing what we’ve covered this year and preparing for our Open House, which will be on Tuesday, May 5. Everybody is invited to see what our students have learned this year! I don’t want to give anything away for the parents, but … Continue reading