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Quick Update: One more water quality session at McCurdy

On Monday, we again visited McCurdy High School to discuss water quality with Ms. Pepersack’s Biology class. We compared the Santa Cruz River and the McCurdy Acequia using our Vernier probes and the LaMotte kits. Again, we got very interesting results. Why are the pH and conductivity values for this ditch so high? One important … Continue reading

CoCoRaHS Night: Now We’re Ready for Rain!

Last night’s CoCoRaHS event was a great success, with 28 new rain gauges going to happy homes in northern New Mexico! We had quite a few Master Gardeners from Santa Fe present, with people from Rio Arriba, Taos, Santa Fe, and Los Alamos counties. Hopefully these new citizen scientists will get their gauges up before … Continue reading

Water Quality on the Santa Cruz

For the past two weeks, we’ve been working on water quality with Ms. Berryhill’s class of Earth Science students at McCurdy High School. McCurdy is located close to the Santa Cruz River, and it also has an acequia running through the campus, giving us two fantastic water sources in need of water quality testing! While … Continue reading

Windmills and Water Wheels

Last week was very busy- we taught several classes. On Wednesday, River Classroom was back at New Mexico Wildlife Center for an Engineering Design Challenge! One of our goals for the class is to develop working wind turbines and water wheels that we can hook up to a generator. This really demonstrates how mechanical energy … Continue reading