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Building Machines to Learn About Energy

Wednesdays are the best days, not because it’s downhill until the weekend, but because it’s River Classroom time! Yesterday we were back at The Wildlife Center and back to our energy curriculum. We began by refreshing our memories- what’s the difference between a motor and a generator? How do motors work? Where does electricity come … Continue reading

Upcoming Event: CoCoRaHS night!

Join us at The Wildlife Center on November 19 for an official CoCoRaHS training! CoCoRaHS stands for Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, & Snow Network, and this network of volunteer precipitation observers are very important to weather forecasters, drought monitors, and researchers. Precipitation is a tricky thing to measure. Rain gauges are the best, despite problems … Continue reading

Geology Rocks!

Our second topic with Ms. Berryhill’s Earth Science class from McCurdy High School was geology. We were pretty excited about this- last year our River Classroom students selected geology as a focus topic instead of biology in a vote of 14 to 1! The high school students weren’t quite that excited, but our review of … Continue reading

First Day at Santo Domingo Pueblo

This year, for the first time, TWC will be working with 4th grade students at the Santo Domingo Pueblo! This program will be very similar to River Classroom, except that we will take students to the Rio Grande on the pueblo. Our initial explorations of the area reveal a very different selection of benthic macroinvertebrates, … Continue reading

Exploring the Rio Chama

River Classroom visited the Rio Chama twice in October. The first trip was a refresher trip- students reviewed benthic macroinvertebrates and how to test water quality. This was the first trip to the Rio Chama for our new students, and everybody really enjoyed it. A refresher in wader safety was at the top of the … Continue reading

Building Motors

One of the best parts about River Classroom is that our students can handle anything we throw at them. They love to experiment and get their hands dirty. That’s exactly what we did in class to learn about motors and generators. After a short discussion about motors, they jumped right in. We divided into teams, … Continue reading

McCurdy High School Earth Sciences Class: Mapping the World

We’re very excited to be working with McCurdy High School this year. We met Melissa Berryhill at a Forestry and Fire Ecology workshop last summer, and she invited us to work with her classes of Earth Science students. We’ll meet twice per month, once during her class periods to front load the material and then … Continue reading

River Classroom 2014-2015

River Classroom students learned about the Periodic Table and forms of energy. Continue reading

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the blog of the Science and Education initiative for The Wildlife Center in Espanola, NM. We are expanding our education program to offer experiential, place-based science to the Chama Valley and surrounding areas. Our goals are to get kids outside and asking questions! We are currently working with students from the Espanola school … Continue reading